Welcome to www.FitzAutos.ie!

Hi & Welcome to www.FitzAutos.ie! Here you will see all things related to our Company, Cars, the Car Industry, new deals and offers and much more! From new advancements in Automobile Technology to Promotions, Competitions and interesting articles relating to the Car Industry etc we have come across, here and on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FitzAutos is where to look. Our website is in it's infancy at this time but we hope to have it completed to both Jamie's & your satisfaction soon 😉 If you have any suggestions, wish to make a comment or if you feel the work done on your car(s) was particularly good, drop us a line here and we will put it up on the site for everyone to make a big deal about!
Ok, that's all for the moment from me. I'll be back soon to update you on how things are progressing with our site and with new and 'shiny' information for you all to talk about.

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